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Neon [n.]

from the Greek meaning new. 

an element of noble gas, very rare on earth and lighter than air.

Tide [n.]

from the Greek 'Daisthai' meaning to divide.

a rise and fall of the sea, usually twice in a lunar day at a given place due to the attraction of the moon and sun.

a current or drift; the way in which something is developing.


In the abandoned walls of an island lighthouse, a collaborative current materialized on the first arc of July’s blue moon. As the sky turned an electric periwinkle and as the sea pushed up on the south shore, the words 'Neon Tide' came to air.  Neon Tide was amid a project for Shelby Earl’s “Stay With Me Tonight” music video, but this name for this creative partnership was given in that lighthouse, sunset moment.

Neon Tide is from all the creative connections of Write Doe Bay, an artist’s retreat founded by Jenn and now captured on film by Casey.  Jenn brings her attention to detail, love of storytelling and craft in photography, while Casey comes with his art in filmmaking, purity in aesthetics and skills in imagery. Neon Tide is of the stories yet to be told, the ones of love and celebration and heartache.

Neon Tide believes in the narrative structure of stories and honors the sense of places, the heart of landscapes.  #neontidesociety is from documentaries to short films, from concerts to weddings, from memorials to portraits.


Write Doe Bay

Art in Filmmaking


casey sjogren

Director | Editor | Cinematographer | Photographer

jenn furber

Producer | Writer | Photographer